Locations - Book 1 - London

Isambard is pretty much confined to working in the family workshop - until his life is saved by a mysterious stranger. From then on it's a roller-coaster ride, first across London, then across the country and ultimately to Paris.

Check out the video below for just some of the points his adventure takes him to.

1. Number 20, Cato Street

A band of revolutionaries meet here to plot and prepare to overthrow the Government. Isambard and his friends Millie and William get a little bit too close to the action for comfort, and before the place burns down, Millie has been taken hostage by the retreating gang.

2. Bow Street Magistrates' Court

This is where the adventure begins. Isambard and William are "conducting experiments" on the roof of this prestigious building when Isambard loses his footing and falls to the pavement below. He is only spared certain death by the intervention of a mysterious stranger who makes Isambard an offer he can't refuse.

3. The Brunel Workshop, Poultry

In this oddly named street (yes, he lived on a street called Poultry) you would have found Isambard and his father (the famous engineer Marc Brunel) hard at work, perfecting Marc's remarkable card-sorting machine or refining the Tunneling Shield that made the "groundbreaking" (excuse the pun) Thames Tunnel possible.

Watch the video I made when I went on a hunt for the workshop [here]:

4. The Thames Tunnel

As mentioned above, one of Isambard's early achievements and was to become Chief Engineer on the Thames Tunnel project, his father Marc Brunel's life-long project. The "Tunnel under the Thames" almost cost Isambard his life when part of it collapsed and it filled with 100s of tons of water - read all about it here

5. The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers

This is where Marc Brunel holds his all important investor meeting. Unfortunately, the meeting is being held on the same day as the anarchists were gathering at Cato Street, so Isambard has a difficult choice to make - does he stay and help his father, or ride across town to prevent a vicious revolution.